New Zealand Queenstown Itinerary

Just get back from the beautiful country New Zealand and yeah the view is awesome! This time I venture to south island which was Queenstown. Everything in there is just beautiful and I felt like I’m in a movie scene or a post card photo session is just surreal. The weather was super cold, when I was there it was late autumn and I’m glad is all sunny and nice.

Here are the itinerary that I would like to share out for my one week of stay in Queenstown New Zealand. I flew to sydney to make a transit flight to Queenstown and this is the only way to save more despite the flight view to Queenstown was awesome you get to see the beautiful mountain and lake from the above.

Queenstown Flight View
Queenstown Flight View

Look I got to see the mountain cape with full of snow from up high! So beautiful! I think is the mountain is called “The Remarkable” even the name is #awesome !!!

Flight View The Remarkable Mount
Flight View The Remarkable Mount

Okay lets wrap things up with the full itinerary list. Note this is a summary itinerary less picture will be posted and for each events, I will make a full post individually and will link it together once the post is done.

Day One: Touch down Queenstown airport during the noon and from the airport we took the Connecta Bus to the the nearest bus stop of our hotel. The cost for the transport was NZD8 the bus runs every 20 min from airport to town so is quiet convenient. The bus is easily spotted is in bright yellow colour.

After check in we dig our self some lunch. So the very first meal in Queenstown was their famous “Fergburger” OMG the burger is so huge! I think everyone first meal in Queenstown was fergburger hahahahah!! There was no Q and we get our burger around 15min of waiting lucky us.

Then after that we venture around the town just to get a quick look of it. New Zealand has a very less day time thus during 6pm it was all dark thus for day 1 we don’t get used to it yet and it was so dark it felt like it was already 9pm!!! OMG!!

So “Bluff oyster” is in our must eat list during our trip thus we went to PJ’s fish and chip’s to have the bluff oyster and since is the bluff oyster season every shop has it! It was yummy! (I will share the pictures and details in another post for food only)

After that we went to “Alpine supermarket” to buy some groceries and dinner and there is the only supermarket in Queenstown. Oh they also have “Asian Mart” just located opposite of Alpine Supermarket and they have every Asian food!!! If you are craving Asian food you can find it in there!! So that was basically day one.

Day Two: Bought overnight stay for “Milford Sound” Marina Boat trip we book it from “Real Journey”. I must say the journey to Milford Sound and Milford Sound is amazing there are a lot of waterfalls and nature in Milford Sound. We had a good view of it during rainy day and sunny day we are so lucky. So the road trip start’s at 9am and the journey took 6 hours to the jetty where we reach the jetty at 3pm. For Milford sound journey we get to see Te Anu Lake, Fiorland National Park and homers tunnel and many more.

Day Three: Still in Marina Boat, had breakfast in the boat and at 7am the boat starts to sail to “Tasman Sea” it goes kinda shaky and is super windy out there. After than we reach the jetty at 9am and get back to our mini coach back to Queenstown with another sunny view through out the journey and we reach Queenstown at 3pm.

I will share the pictures and details in another post for my overnight stay in Milford Sound which compile a full details of Day two & three. So stay tune!

Day Four: Booked “Shotover Jet” and “Kawarau Bridge Bungy” where I get a combo deals for both of this activity.

Shotover Jet is a very famous activity in Queenstown and is a must do thing! We had a 20min ride on the jet with 5-6 360 spins and yeah is freaking cold out there!

During noon I get to do the bungy. Oh yeah man! Bungy time!!! Look is only 43m high and of course this view is extremely beautiful I purposely choose this bungy because of the view itself (evil laugh) Did’t want to do the Nevis Bungy because is only rock mountain but the height was 143m is crazy man I think I will be yelling for a longer time and get numb.

For dinner we dine in at “Flames grill bar” and the food was really nice!!!!

Kawarau Bridge Bungy
Kawarau Bridge Bungy

Day Five: We went to  “Arrowtown” which is 20min ride journey to there by Connecta Bus. Buy daily pass from the bus driver it is cheaper compare to single ride fare. Arrowtown is a really small town compare to Queenstown so is really easing to walk around.

After returning from Arrowtown we went straight up to “Queenstown Skyline” for “Gondola & Luge ride”. Lucky us we get the last few rides for luge as they are closing at 5pm. Also we get to see the sun set yay! They even have “Stargazing” activity at the Skyline. But we din’t go for that. We manage to see many stars during our stay since the sky is clear so stargazing at skyline kinda pricey for us.

For dinner we dine in at “Winnies Pizza” and Oh My the pizza was really good!! Later on we have our dessert at “Patagonia” Oh My their chocolate is real good!!!! Love it!

Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown Skyline view
Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown Skyline view

Day Six: It was the last day to venture around Queenstown and is a very free and easy day for us. We went to “Queenstown Hill” for a walk which is just located behind our hotel.

Later on we went to the Lake side and feed some ducks. The ducks are really hungry!!!

Duck Feeding at Lake Side Queenstown
Duck Feeding at Lake Side Queenstown


After that we went to “Below Zero Ice Bar” where we purchase a great deal from is a really good place to get cheap deals for any activity in New Zealand.

Next we went to “Queenstown Garden” they have a rose garden there and is really pretty and it smells good too. The garden is really nice and they have a lake track around the garden that you can have a good walk along the lake the view is really nice.

Later on we dine in at “Brazz Restaurant & Bar” highly recommend their Ribs!

Day Seven: Last day at Queenstown, before we catch our flight  We manage to take a walk to “Queenstown Market”Saturday Market at the Lake Side” they sell mostly craft and art stuff.  Have a noon flight back from Queenstown and have another amazing view back home!

That’s all for the itinerary summary hope it can help you to have a draft on what to do in Queenstown!! Stay tune for my more details post!





South Korea Itinerary 7D6N (October 2013)

My travel period was on the 14-20 October 2013 (7 days 6 Nights) Itinerary to share with you guys. This only a summary itinerary, details will be cover in other post.

Day 1

Arrival at Incheon Airport at 3.20pm (have a light meal by purchasing chicken teriyaki sandwich from 7-11 on the arrival hall next to skin food & reload T-money) Hop on to AREX (Airport Rail Express) to Honggik University Station (Hongdae Station) to make a transfer to Chungjeongno Station.

Check in Brown Resident at Chungjeongno Station (Line 2/5 Exit 4)

Dinner at Palsaik Samgyupsal ( 8 flavours grilled samgyupsal) this is the best grilled samgyupsal I had in my entire life highly recommended! This restaurant is very famous and is located at Sinchon Station (Line 2 Exit 6)

Have some dessert at Twosome Cafe after that at Shichon branch and walk lottering around Sinchon and we called it a day!

Day 2 

It was rainy all the day and the lowest temperature was 9 degrees. Journey to Sokcho which is is located at the north-east of Korea so is nearer to the sea they have a lot of harbour around. Mt Seorak is the main reason to stop by at  Sokcho.

Headed to Dong Seoul bus terminal to purchase our bus ticket to Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal. Dong Seoul bus terminal it is located at Gangbyeon Subway Station (Line 2 Exit 4). (Dong Seoul bus terminal is just opposite of the exit)

Tips: when purchasing the ticket to Sokcho, inform the counter to get a express bus ticket and it will take 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal while the normal ticket  will take up to 3 hours. Cost for single trip is 17,300 won.

Sokcho Express Bus & City Bus Route
Sokcho Express Bus & City Bus Route

Check in at Casa Seorak for a night stay. Highly recommend this B&B in Sokcho! The owner Mr Jung Hwang was very nice and friendly and the B&B was very relaxing indeed it feels like home.

Casa Seorak at Sokcho nice place to stay
Casa Seorak at Sokcho

Grab some light food at Tiamo Coffee Shop that sells New York hot dogs their fries was awesome. Is rainy heavily thus we shelter there for a while and then we headed to Daepo harbour by using bus number 7 or 7-1.

Daepo Harbour at Sokcho
Daepo Harbour at Sokcho

Daepo Harbour offers wide variety of seafood compare to others harbour around Sokcho it is just beside the famous Sokcho Beach. Their seafood are really fresh! (will update on my food post)

Day 3

On the next morning we depart to Mt Seorak (Seoraksan) by using the same bus by using bus number 7 or 7-1 from our bus station located near to Casa Seorak. From the bus station to  the main gate of Mt Seorak National Park took 30 minutes. Then you need to purchase cable car ticket, please be early as the cable car ticket sold out kinda fast.

Mt Seorak
Mt Seorak check point

What a beautiful view.

Autumn Leaves at Mt. Seorak
Autumn Leaves at Mt. Seorak

Day 4

Theme Park Day! This time we went to Everland since last trip we went to Lotte World theme park. The fastest way to Everland is take subway to Jamsil Station (Line 2 Exit 8 ) and then take Bus number 5700 this is way faster than taking the bus from Gangnam Station since the subway travel route from Chungjeongno Station to Gangnam Station was 44 minutes and the interval bus to Everland at Gangnam Station was 1 hour once compare to Jamsil Station 20 minutes once.

You will reach Everland Bus station and ride the free shuttle bus once you reach there.

Everland T-express
Everland T-express

Tips: Get the Q-pass which is FREE OF CHARGE at the ticket counter near the T-Express, if you want to ride the T-express and print out this Everland Discount ticket!

T- Express Q Pass at Everland
T- Express Q Pass at Everland

Day 5

Is leisure day and we went to Myeong-Dong to have our breakfast. Myong-Dong Gyoja is the best food to have in Myeong-Dong and then we register ourself to get our free hanbok experience at Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center  which is located at M Plazza Level 5 (same building with Zara)

Hanbok at Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
Free Hanbok Experience at Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center

We shop a while around myeong-dong. Personally I like the Olive & Young store (the biggest store in myeong-dong) that offers direct tax refund and the store is connected to Twosome Cafe as well.

After Hanbok experience we went to get some dessert at Cafe Bene. Then we went to Shilla Duty Free nearest subway was Dongguk University Station ( Line 3 Exit 6)

Note: Exit 5 is the nearest way to reach Shilla Duty Free but the exit was closed during that time.
After that we spilt up and I went to Lotte Mart to get some snacks while the rest went to Namsam Park (since I have been to there I did not went back again this time) Lotte Mart was located at Seoul Station (Line 1/4 Exit 1).

Day 6

Another leisure day and we spilt in to two groups as well I did not went to Nami Island (since I’m not a big fan of winter sonata) I went to explore around some area that I did not covered on my last trip.

Thus I make my way to Tongin Market to get some famous ttebokki but before I reach  Tongin Market I saw Tosokchon (the famous Gingseng Chicken Restaurant) was not pack and had my breakfast there. Lucky indeed as we went out, the line was really long and packed. (reach time 11.30am). Tongin Market and Tosokchon is located near to Gyeongbokgung Station ( Line 3 Exit 2)

Next we went to have our dessert so we went to Angguk Station  and walk our way to Samcheong-dong and personally I really like Samcheong-dong is really beautiful and fresh all the houses and buildings have their own style and Samcheong-dong is really near to Hanok Village. You can find beautiful cafe, restaurants and shops around Samcheong-dong.

Samcheong-dong Autumn

We walk our walk from Angguk Station to Samcheong-dong and then to National Folk Museum of Korea the whole area filled with local tourist and it is a very artistic place indeed and few Arts exhibition and museum are located in that area.

View behind Gyeongbokgung Palace
View behind Gyeongbokgung Palace

From National Folk Museum of Korea (just located behind Gyeongbokgung Palace)   we walk our way to Insadong which is very near and I went Ssamzigil a very famous places that offers Arts & Craft items.

Ssamzigil at Insadong

Day 7

Depart to Airport on 6 am. The Subway opens at 5.33am

Stay tuned on my details trip, food and haul post! It will be more details ^_^

Krabi- Koh Phi Phi (DAY 2 ITINERARY )

Woke up early as 7.30am  (8.30 am Malaysia time) to have breakie so that we don’t starve ourself during the day cause we will have 2 snorkelling activity. Koh Phi Phi is a very large island which consist of Koh Phi Phi Don & Koh Phi Phi Ley. 

We had our ride on this antique bus (lol) it even have holes on the back seat floor but is alright cause the distant to our hotel to the pick up point was not far just 10 minutes. So we took few picture in the bus. As you can see the bus is so retro in side they even have a speaker box and fan hahaha

Me & the gals

The guys (they are still in ubah mood) Post election effect.

Close up with our speed boat of the day we are riding this for the trip to explore Koh Phi Phi. Damn love the shorts bought it from roxy and is water proof ideal for beach!

Breathtaking view of bamboo island this is our first stop we are given 45 minutes to swim and take picture. Not sure why does it call bamboo island- there are non bamboo existent at all.   

A close up on the bamboo island. We walk along the beach till the very end and the view were all the same LOL.

Okay pose pose 

With the bf

After that we had our first snookering and I did not take picture of it and idk and forget where is the place is in the middle of the sea hahahaha. 

Non edit purely taken from ip5 just to proof that the water is super green LOL along the way all the sea looks exactly like that! This is when we pass by Viking cave and our boat did not went near in the cave.

Later on arriving Maya Island there was so many boats and tourist on the island unlike bamboo island.Maya Island is a part of Koh Phi Phi Ley

Having fun as we are given another 45 minutes to explore around but actually nothing much to do at Maya Island only the view was awesome. Wanna see how awesome?

Okay is the previous blog picture hahaha! You know going to the beach and we scare our camera get soak so yay! We took picture with only ip5. But still damn nice right? The view although is crowded and we cant even swim compare to bamboo island. 

So next stop middle of no where near maya island hahaha idk the name of the next stop hahahaha….
Can you see those fishes- crystal clear water this is the stop after Maya island and this is the place we stop for the second snorkelling.I got to see nemo and many more fish I was so happy back then compare to the first stop of snorkelling this was far more awesome and I get to feed the fishes ^_^ 
Manage to get some picture with the fish! And I just notice that my skin was damn white too (see my whity leg! LOL) But I got sun burn as the sun kissed me too and I felt the sun burn skin tone was kinda attractive hahahaha 

After that we went to Koh Phi Phi Don and had our lunch buffet and they serve less attractive meal T_T everyone was hungry back then and each time the kitchen delivers fried chicken all the eyes are on them and I got to eat only one piece not hungry at the time but my friends seems so sad. Moral of the story bring some bread in case you are hungry.
The only picture I took from Koh Phi Phi Don hahaha so sad cause the island is not that nice and I feel in love with Maya Island back then. hahahaha it has many hotels and shops around we just had a few walks around after our lunch. Back then Koh Phi Phi Don was hit by tsunami and that’s why the view are changing from time to time. So after lunch we received a complimentary bottle coke – “Refreshing”. Then we went to monkey Island where the island was all monkey no pictures not fancy monkey LOL.

After that we headed back and we pass by the chicken island. It was around 3.30pm when we heading back and its SUPER sunny day! 

Back to hotel bath and hunt for dinner! We went to Family BBQ it was located up hill and is just the name BBQ nothing related to BBQ at all LOL the tomyum was great! Then we shop again at 7-11 hahaha.

That’s the end of Day 2! Ending with a SUMMER SWAG picture! 

Krabi Trip Day 1 (May 2013 4D3N)

This is a Day 1 post for Krabi 4days 3 night trip in May 2013. 

From Krabi Airport we have our transport ready waiting for us! I love their efficacy we booked krabi shuttle service last minute during midnight before arrival (and yes the next day the shuttle is still ready for us). It is more affordable than sitting a bus to our hotel (the bus available in the airport look crappy

The hotel as I mention before was Areetara Resort the hotel and I’m good with the hotel, I think most of krabi hotel are the same hahahaha. Didn’t take much photo of the hotel. Oh and the total time from airport to our hotel was approx 30 minutes.

Our room was garden view and I think pool view seems cooler we want to upgrade to pool view but unfortunately the room was fully booked.

View from the Reception Area

These is the pool view room you can see they have emerald pool (which is kinda small) from the room you can jump right in to the swimming pool.

Basically on the first day we went to rent a bike and drove our way to survey around the area. The bike rental was 200 Baht (RM20) per day! It is a must to rent a bike because our hotel is located quite far from the shops and the beach plus the weather was super duper hot but not to worry they have mobile food store (that will drive around) near the hotel that sell drinks, food & fruits if you do not want to walk further. 

We also bought our island tour package from the bike rental which was located 5 minutes away from out hotel. The package was a full day trip to Koh Phi Phi Le which includes 2 snorkelling session and few island of Koh Phi Phi Le and lunch is provided and it worth 1000 Baht (RM100) after bargain ^_^

So we drove all the way along the beach and below picture are all from Ao Nang Beach which located near our hotel. 

Ao Nang beach water was not crystal clear. 

Panorama view nice? It was sun setting. 

The sun setting effect picture

Edited HDR picture from my iphone (cheated) hahaha! Nice? I enhance the effect to give the beach more over whelming feel since the beach is not crystal clear hahaha.

We simply had our lunch in a restaurant not worth stating out since nothing special about that and after that we went back to the hotel and swim! Basically first day was it.

Oh I want to highlight one thing! If you were in Thailand their 7-11 is the best (much better than msia for my opinion) their 7-11 stuff are much more cheaper than the mini market outside. 

Make sure you try this bread from Le Pan Bakery it cost RM1.20 and they have lard, crab stick, chicken and tuna flavour too. 

Love this so much I bought it everyday and is good. Tips: can buy for boat trip since you will be snorkelling and will be hungry. 

Okay till then I will post Day 2 soon! Stay tuned! 

Sydney Itinerary Feb 2013 (Day 1-3)

First time flying to Australia (Sydney) and it takes freaking 8 hours from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to touch down. Pheww…quite a long haul! I went there for my Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday. 

Do take note that this is a family trip (6 people) whereby is very free and easy and literally it is very leisure, less adventure and some place we go does keep repeating and we are only covering Sydney city the most. We have the mighty ah ma (grandmother) with us and she is so energetic in some point I would said! 

So we went there for 7 days and 6 nights on 12- 18  February 2013. We stayed at Meriton Service Apartment which is situated at Bondi Junction Station. This is only part 1 of the itinerary which is from Day 1- Day 3. 

First tips: Do buy their MyMulti card  is like a weekly pass they offer and it depends on each zone & duration that you would choose. I save a lot on my transportation by purchasing the MyMulti 1 card based on my destination Zone 1 it cost AUD 44. This card is amazing it include train, bus, ferry & Light rail if I do not purchase it, my total expense on transportation will be crazy! 

Second tips: Buy your Mymulti card and airport link card transfer together on the same day if not; one way to transfer yourself to Sydney city from the airport cost you AUD16.70 and that’s a lot! I could not recall how much when I bought the ticket but definitely not paying AUD 16.70 on single way because we bought return airport link as well. Approx AUD 20++.

Day 1

  • Landed at the airport (11am) 
    • From International Airport Station to Bondi Junction Station took 30 minutes to reach Bondi Junction (Eastern Suburbans & Illawarra Line)
  • Check In to our hotel and have our lunch at Westfield Bondi Junction. 

Double Decker Train 

Later on we went out  to explore the city it was during evening after resting. We headed to;

  •  Queen Victoria Building  (Drop of at Town Hall Station) It’s a very authentic building the floors was so nice.
  • Bought fresh fruits and dinner from Woolworths back to our service apartment. 
  • Sending the elderly back to rest we explore ourselves to Circular Quay and we found ourselves some dessert for the night at Pancakes On The Rocks and we catch the Harbour Bridge night view as well.

Here’s a picture of the main QVB building door 

Sydney Westfield 

Day 2

Wanted to go to Blue Mountain but based on weather report it was raining badly during the morning and yeah it did! So we change it to the third day.

  • Circular Quay to catch ferry to Darling Harbour ( you can get nice view of the Harbour Bridge along the way.) 
  • Walk to The Star Casino and have a sneak peak on the casino
  • Next take the Light Train to Sydney Fish Market for lunch.
  • After Lunch headed to Chinatown by using the Light Train to (Market City
    • Chinatown/ Paddy’s market/ Market City are all nearby
    • My friends told me Paddy’s market is the best place for souvenir and based on some Google searching all said the same thing. Is a mixture of Malaysian night market with a little spice of Thai’s market too. But the place is kinda huge and they sell all sorts of souvenir, clothes and even iPhone cases.
    • They even have market right beside it. The fruits are fresh too!
  •  Westfield Bondi Junction- Coles to buy some ingredients for home cooked dinner.

One of the Marine time Museum display pirate boat I guess?

 Boats parked along the Star Casino

Someone drew love in the Air

    Drop off from light train

      Whole Pinky Shop

      Day 3 
      Was all about Blue Mountain and you need to reserved fully one day for it because it is far from the city with almost 2 hours train ride from Sydney Central Station to Katoomba Station and you need to take a bus to reach the destination. I bought Trolley Tours ticket on my arrival and it is a lot cheaper the shop is located opposite the Katoomba station. 

      Discovery Trolley Tour + 3 Rides at Scenic World- cost AUD 49 per person. Is a hop-on hop-off bus that have a lots of stops for you to explore the place itself.

      Here is the whole Blue Mountain adventure! Please feel free to read it ^_^

      Here is what we eat in Sydney it summarize the things that I would like to share out and the things that I have tried.

      Will continue Day 4- Day 6 itinerary soon ^_^ 

      Blue Mountain; Scenic World Katoomba Australia

      When I ask my friend’s where I should visit during my trip to Australia most of them replied BLUE MOUNTAIN  So I did some reach and it seams that it is a famous tourist spot and a place that must visit and here am I visiting Blue Mountain. 

      Took a 2 hour train ride to reach Katoomba and it is the last station of the railway indeed it is super far from the city and more country side a small district I would say.

      After reaching the station I bought my tour ticket and ride from the discovery trolley tour which include 3 rides at Scenic World it cost me AUD 49. The trolley bus will take you to the main cable way of the scenic world and they also act as hop on off buses for visiting some of the small famous places eg; tea house, chocolate factory (is just a small house) LOL, candy shop and many more they will hand you an itienary on which places to visit that might interest you and you just wait for their trolley bus on each spot. They also have  fixed time for you to refer so that you wont miss the bus.

      The road not taken LOL
      Some white trees. Is fair tree I guess hahaha

      Here we are at the scenic world cable way entrance to their souvenier shop and then took the skyway to the scenic walkway.
      I look kinda furious here LOL.

      Katoomba falls #1

      Katoomba falls #2
      Katoomba falls #3

      I felt cheat towards the Katoomba falls because the water flow was literally damn little but they said when it rains you can see much water on that time. So I guess during my visit is a pretty good weather. hahahaha.
      Blue Moutain

      In the sky way they have the normal two windows and  they even have a floor window in the middle for us to view right from a super high height. Along the cable way they have someone to explain us the information of the surroundings. 
      This is the side view left; three sister and the hump there is Jamison Valley.

      The sky way make a stop at scenic walk.
      Start our Scenic Walkway journey. In the  Scenic Walkway you can spend 30 minutes to an hour to explore their walkway just see which path you choose to explore.
      Fern leaf picture LOL look how detail is the leaves.
      Let’s go!
      Kissing tree is just basically two trees get together and I did not take the trees picture hahaha. So along the way we have all the trees that have their own stories all greens and fresh air. Damn nice and cooling. 

      If not mistaken I think the tree stills grow although the bark is destroy LOL forgot to take the description banner for this picture hahaha.
      Trees fall down idk and I cant recall why hahaha.. maybe they did some mining and they are transporting it and an accident occurs that cause the tree to falls. 
      Cant even enter it just a look from the scenic walk.
      With flash see their mining LOL
      So after passing the mining thingy you will get to see a spectacular view of the blue mountain. 
      Tadah! nice right I give you all one more brighter view LOL. But is quite sad that their scenic railway closed for almost 2++ months for redevelopment. I’m so sad because it is the most steepest passenger rail way HAIZ…….. Cant even ride it. SADDDD TO THE MAXXXXXX…… 
      Only picture so sad……..

      Okay post a funny picture to calm my self hahahaha. Tarzan man and this tree is great I think is call gum tree? or bubble gum tree coz is so elastic and you really can swing yourself just like tarzan. They have this tree almost everywhere!
      So that’s all for the journey! 
      Breathing fresh air there hahaha

      Meriton Service Apartment Bondi Junction

      During my trip to Sydney I stay at Meriton Service Apartment Bondi Junction. Personally I think is worth it and is just located right above the train station and main bus station is very convenient. They even have wifi! From Sydney Airport to the Apartment took 30 minutes.

      Head to Airport & East Hills Line Grass (green color) then make your transit to Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line (Blue color) if not mistaken is on the Platform 23 &24 to get to Bondi Junction it is the last station from Central.

      The address:
      45 – 95 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia

      Living Room and Dining area view 

      Living Room Area our apartment is right beside David Jones entrance of the Westfield mall  

      Kitchen Area they have all the cooking utilities just like home
      The only room picture I got is kinda spacious. They have a big mirror wardrobe.

      Oh besides that it is super near to Bondi Beach just 10 minutes from the Bondi Junction. Just go to the train station downstairs and hop on to the bus number 333, 380 and 381. All this three buses will take you to the beach and they are the same.