New Zealand Queenstown Itinerary

Just get back from the beautiful country New Zealand and yeah the view is awesome! This time I venture to south island which was Queenstown. Everything in there is just beautiful and I felt like I’m in a movie scene or a post card photo session is just surreal. The weather was super cold, when I was there it was late autumn and I’m glad is all sunny and nice.

Here are the itinerary that I would like to share out for my one week of stay in Queenstown New Zealand. I flew to sydney to make a transit flight to Queenstown and this is the only way to save more despite the flight view to Queenstown was awesome you get to see the beautiful mountain and lake from the above.

Queenstown Flight View
Queenstown Flight View

Look I got to see the mountain cape with full of snow from up high! So beautiful! I think is the mountain is called “The Remarkable” even the name is #awesome !!!

Flight View The Remarkable Mount
Flight View The Remarkable Mount

Okay lets wrap things up with the full itinerary list. Note this is a summary itinerary less picture will be posted and for each events, I will make a full post individually and will link it together once the post is done.

Day One: Touch down Queenstown airport during the noon and from the airport we took the Connecta Bus to the the nearest bus stop of our hotel. The cost for the transport was NZD8 the bus runs every 20 min from airport to town so is quiet convenient. The bus is easily spotted is in bright yellow colour.

After check in we dig our self some lunch. So the very first meal in Queenstown was their famous “Fergburger” OMG the burger is so huge! I think everyone first meal in Queenstown was fergburger hahahahah!! There was no Q and we get our burger around 15min of waiting lucky us.

Then after that we venture around the town just to get a quick look of it. New Zealand has a very less day time thus during 6pm it was all dark thus for day 1 we don’t get used to it yet and it was so dark it felt like it was already 9pm!!! OMG!!

So “Bluff oyster” is in our must eat list during our trip thus we went to PJ’s fish and chip’s to have the bluff oyster and since is the bluff oyster season every shop has it! It was yummy! (I will share the pictures and details in another post for food only)

After that we went to “Alpine supermarket” to buy some groceries and dinner and there is the only supermarket in Queenstown. Oh they also have “Asian Mart” just located opposite of Alpine Supermarket and they have every Asian food!!! If you are craving Asian food you can find it in there!! So that was basically day one.

Day Two: Bought overnight stay for “Milford Sound” Marina Boat trip we book it from “Real Journey”. I must say the journey to Milford Sound and Milford Sound is amazing there are a lot of waterfalls and nature in Milford Sound. We had a good view of it during rainy day and sunny day we are so lucky. So the road trip start’s at 9am and the journey took 6 hours to the jetty where we reach the jetty at 3pm. For Milford sound journey we get to see Te Anu Lake, Fiorland National Park and homers tunnel and many more.

Day Three: Still in Marina Boat, had breakfast in the boat and at 7am the boat starts to sail to “Tasman Sea” it goes kinda shaky and is super windy out there. After than we reach the jetty at 9am and get back to our mini coach back to Queenstown with another sunny view through out the journey and we reach Queenstown at 3pm.

I will share the pictures and details in another post for my overnight stay in Milford Sound which compile a full details of Day two & three. So stay tune!

Day Four: Booked “Shotover Jet” and “Kawarau Bridge Bungy” where I get a combo deals for both of this activity.

Shotover Jet is a very famous activity in Queenstown and is a must do thing! We had a 20min ride on the jet with 5-6 360 spins and yeah is freaking cold out there!

During noon I get to do the bungy. Oh yeah man! Bungy time!!! Look is only 43m high and of course this view is extremely beautiful I purposely choose this bungy because of the view itself (evil laugh) Did’t want to do the Nevis Bungy because is only rock mountain but the height was 143m is crazy man I think I will be yelling for a longer time and get numb.

For dinner we dine in at “Flames grill bar” and the food was really nice!!!!

Kawarau Bridge Bungy
Kawarau Bridge Bungy

Day Five: We went to  “Arrowtown” which is 20min ride journey to there by Connecta Bus. Buy daily pass from the bus driver it is cheaper compare to single ride fare. Arrowtown is a really small town compare to Queenstown so is really easing to walk around.

After returning from Arrowtown we went straight up to “Queenstown Skyline” for “Gondola & Luge ride”. Lucky us we get the last few rides for luge as they are closing at 5pm. Also we get to see the sun set yay! They even have “Stargazing” activity at the Skyline. But we din’t go for that. We manage to see many stars during our stay since the sky is clear so stargazing at skyline kinda pricey for us.

For dinner we dine in at “Winnies Pizza” and Oh My the pizza was really good!! Later on we have our dessert at “Patagonia” Oh My their chocolate is real good!!!! Love it!

Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown Skyline view
Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown Skyline view

Day Six: It was the last day to venture around Queenstown and is a very free and easy day for us. We went to “Queenstown Hill” for a walk which is just located behind our hotel.

Later on we went to the Lake side and feed some ducks. The ducks are really hungry!!!

Duck Feeding at Lake Side Queenstown
Duck Feeding at Lake Side Queenstown


After that we went to “Below Zero Ice Bar” where we purchase a great deal from is a really good place to get cheap deals for any activity in New Zealand.

Next we went to “Queenstown Garden” they have a rose garden there and is really pretty and it smells good too. The garden is really nice and they have a lake track around the garden that you can have a good walk along the lake the view is really nice.

Later on we dine in at “Brazz Restaurant & Bar” highly recommend their Ribs!

Day Seven: Last day at Queenstown, before we catch our flight  We manage to take a walk to “Queenstown Market”Saturday Market at the Lake Side” they sell mostly craft and art stuff.  Have a noon flight back from Queenstown and have another amazing view back home!

That’s all for the itinerary summary hope it can help you to have a draft on what to do in Queenstown!! Stay tune for my more details post!





24 hours journey to UK~

I hv reach UK last thursday~~ its kinda outdate tat i update now…hahaha forgive me coz i’m super busying of buying stuff, shopping, loitering around Sheffield….
Below is a small update of my journey 
~~last pic i took in my dear car~~
departing wit my gang!!

Etihad is my airline to Uk
1st time sit long haul plane is super trying n dehydrated 

cheese snack ewww…

killing time game~

so far away

nasi beriyani ..not nice!

this pasta taste better!
 i order hot choco n they gave me “milo”
so hot choco = milo

heading to Abu Dhabi to change another plane
Abu Dhabi International Airport
looks like shopping mall

random pic of plane

yeah ~~few more hours will reach to Manchester Airport
is been 24 hrs no bath n not enough sleep n not enough water
*stinky me*
~breakfast set, they gave us lamb sausage

view 1
view 2
view 3
view 4

view 5
* all the view are above is where b4 i reach Manchester Airport*

my luggage for 3 months hahah 
my luggage n my gang luggage
this is where I will b hanging around in these 3 months
okay gotta go n take a bath now
~will update soon~
*cross finger*