3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation Natural Ivory Review

Hands on the highly rave 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) make up products from Stylenanda. Got this from Qoo10 because it ran out of stock during my last visit at their Lotte Young Plazza store. The is 100% authentic, just my two cents there are so many reseller on 3CE products thus you gotta be really careful on the product authentication.

I got three products which includes; 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation, 3CE Cream Blusher & 3CE Shimmer Stick.

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation, Cream Blusher & Shimmer Stick
3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation, Cream Blusher & Shimmer Stick

Will be reviewing the 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation.

A pump of 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation
A pump of 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation

I got the Glossing Waterful Foundation in Natural Ivory the best way to apply it by using the make up sponge. I use too cool for school marshmallow puff (in pink) to apply this 3CE foundation and it works best for me.

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation
3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation

As it mention “waterful” in the foundation thus is really watery and by using a sponge make up can have a full coverage of the liquid foundation on your face because they blend very well.

Do note that this colour itself-Natural Ivory and the foundation type does not give a full coverage on blemish. It give me an instance glow once I apply and is not dry as compare to other BB cream’s after a few hours of applying upon my face. It does not feel cakey as well.

This is a really light-weighted foundation type to go on a care-free day and to girls that do not like to put on full make up, I can say that this foundation will give a little glow on your pale face. It contain a little shimmer (cant bee seen in the picture).

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation also contains 15 SPF with PA+ the SPF and PA coverage is very low so do apply a higher SPF & PA sunblock to prevent your face from UV rays.


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